assistance  Assistance is help or support that is given to a person. wsparcie, pomoc

basket  A basket is a lightweight wooden container. Koszyk, kosz

bin  A bin is a box, or some other lidded container, used for storage.   pojemnik, skrzynia, kubeł

bottleneck  A bottleneck is something that slows down or stops the progress or flow of materials. zator, wąskie gardło

box  A  box is a stiff, rectangular container, usually made of cardboard, that is used for shipping and storage. pudełko, pudło

bulk  If items are bulk, they are massed together in a large group or amount. hurtowy, masowy

cargo  Cargo includes all freight that is transferred by motor vehicle, ship, or train. ładunek,cargo

cart  A cart is a small-wheeled vehicle used for moving materials from one part of a space to another. wózek ręczny

carton A carton is a box or container, usually made of ridged cardboard, which is used for storage. karton, pudełko kartonowe

charter  A charter czarter is a commercial lease contract for an aircraft or other vehicle, used for the transfer of passengers or goods. Czarter

cold chain A cold chain is temperature-controlled supply chain that is used to extend the shelf life of perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables, seafood, frozen food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. Łańcuch chłodniczy

complaint  A  complaint is a written or spoken statement in which a person says they are unhappy with something. Skarga, zażalenie

container A container is an item used to store or hold something. It can specifically refer to large boxes, into which products are packed, in order to make them easy to transport. Pojemnik, zbiornik

courier  A courier is an individual or a service company that delivers messages, mail, and packages.   kurier, firma kurierska

customer   A customer is a person or organization that buys products or services from a store or business. Klient

damage  Damage is loss or harm resulting from injury to property. Szkoda, uszkodzenia

deadline  A deadline is the final point in time by which tasks must be completed. termin wykonania 

decoupled pick and deliver  Decoupled pick and deliver refers to a system where a different handler picks and preapres the next load while the delivery driver is in transit .kompletowanie i  transport wykonywane przez różne osoby

defective  If something is defective, it is incorrectly made or it does not work properly. Wadliwy

disposal  Disposal is the process of getting rid of items that are no longer needed or no longer useful. wywóz, pozbycie się

distribution inventory  Distribution inventory  includes products and parts that are in transit, stored off-site, or held by a seller on consignment. magazyn towarów